Other products

A) Supplying Materials:

1) PPGI (Pre-painted Galvanized Iron, Pre-Coated Steel...):

a) Structure of PPGI:

PPGI is coated with advanced polyester paint, no peeling, cracking or discoloration. Once coating is completed, the product is processed at high temperatures for a smooth painted surface. Coating both surfaces is conducted at the same time, compared to other products that painted one surface at a time.

b) Characteristics:

Due to the outstanding features, the iron productsare more durable than zinc ones. PPGI product has high resistance capacity to corrosion and rust. However, with the growing market demand, customers are not concerned only with the durability but creating own construction style, PPGI is created to meet the demands of remarkable durability and aestheticism.

c) Applications:

PPGI has many practice applications: corrugated to be the main surface of insulation panels: cold storages, cleanrooms…, rolled into different waveforms (square, round, tile-like, accessories for insulation panel installation…), for construction. PPGI can be applied into export of consumer goods in many other ways.

d) Color: milky white.

e) Thickness: 0.35 ÷ 6 mm

2) FOAM:

P.U insulation form is make up of two chemical solutions: black foam (Isocyanate) and white foam (Polyol), as high thermal insulation materials: 0.018 to 0.002 (Kcal/ mh/oC)

Application of P.U Foam

Due to the ease of construction and the great cold insulation ability, P.U Foam has a board range of applications, such as: ice boxes, cold storage panels,insulation pipe systems, bearers.

The product is ideally used for central cooling systems of high-rise buildings like hotels, apartments, hospitals…, and for insulation purpose in petrochemical and chemical industries.

As for sheets type, it could be used as separating walls, sound and fire proof in construction.

B) Supplying installation accessories:

1) Foam Pipe Insulation:

EPS Foam Pipe Insulation is used to wrap around cold gas pipeline for freezer storages, contributing in the cooling effect. 

2) Door Lining Insulation for Cold Storages, Workshops:

The product has high resistance to aging, ensurestightness, and increases sound and thermal insulation for cold storage and workshop door systems. There are single, double and T shape products.

3) Locks, Hinges:

Specialized for cold and freezer storage doors

4) Nails:

Specialized in suspending the ceiling systems of cold storages and workshops. 

5) Accessories specialized in cold storages, cleanrooms, workshops installation:

U, T, V, inside and side paneled… with color coated corrugated iron or zinc sheets.

6) Rods, hanging bowls, curtains:

Specialized for behind cold storage doors installation in order to prevent the evaporation when opening

7) Relief Valves:

For equalizing the pressure inside the cold storage and the outside atmosphere pressures. Due to the reduction of temperature inside the storage, the air pressure would soon follow, causing the difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the storage, resulting in mechanical deformation damage to the construction. 

8) Electrical Troughs:

Specialized in setting up wires and cables for factories, industrial parks, apartment buildings, office buildings…
The product has high level of steadiness with heat extraction holes to keep the cords safe and ventilated.