Panel PU

- PU Panel is an insulation panel product used in assembly of cold storages, cool storages, supermarkets, cleanrooms, tunnel freezer, or places that have stringent requirement of temperatures from -40oC to +5oC.

- PU Panel is covered by corrugated iron sheets or 304 stainless steel by both sides in order to increase the rigidity and aesthetics of the insulation panels. The corrugated iron sheet used is heat-resistant and highly endurable with bright white color suitable for any design.

- PU is the mixture of Polyether Polyol Blend and Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate I somers/ Homologues (MDI) imported from Malaysia, Japan, U.S.A, using the high-pressure foam spray technology.

- The PU panels are conjunct together by camblock lock casted deep inside the insulation panels, ensuring steadiness and aesthetics.

Advantages of PU panels products:

  • Insulation panels using Camblock locks for quick and steady disassemble.
  • The assembly lines are used heat-resistant glue with high durability and constriction.
  • Light-weight, water resistance, sound and thermal insulation
  • Density: 42 – 45 kg/ m3
  • Heat transfer coefficiency: 0,018 – 0,02 Kcal/mh/oC
  • Compression Force: Pn = 1.7 + 2.2 kg/ cm2
  • Bending Force: Pu = 40 + 70 kg/cm2

Standard thickness and temperature of P.U Panels:

Temperature (°C) Thickness (mm)
5 50
5÷ -10 80
-18 100
-25 120
-40 150